Heritage Names Winner of $10k Auction Credit

Heritage Names Winner of $10k Auction Credit

DALLAS – Following a tradition that has grown for more than 20 years, Heritage Auctions granted customer $ 10,000 an auction credit of $ 10,000 through a raffle among collectors who took part in the company’s annual numismatic survey.

The Pennsylvania collector’s interest arose out of his childhood curiosity about his father and uncle’s hobby.

“My father had a retail store and my uncle about 50 years ago,” said Wilson. “My uncle saved silver dollars and my father had a huge glass of pennies. So I went through it and I was fascinated by the Indian heads and old Lincoln’s. My grandfather bought gold coins from people instead of having them sent to the government in the 1930s, and some of them have been given to me over the years. “

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In addition to his family’s introduction to coins, Wilson said his curiosity had been boosted by his interest in American history.

“I liked coins related to the civil war, related to the founding of the country, some of the country’s financial problems and difficulties,” said Wilson. “I started collecting for a while as a teenager, but as I progressed in life and education, I stopped because I didn’t have time. But then, in the late 90s when the internet came on, I started to visit the Heritage Auctions website and my interest started again. “

Among the many coins Steven Wilson has collected over the years is the $ 3 gold piece like this one from 1857.

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Wilson focused on two sets: Morgan dollar and Peace dollar, and then branched into a collection of $ 3 gold and St. Gaudens $ 20 coins. “I want them to be admired,” said Wilson, “and also as part of my wealth diversification.”

Wilson said he feels more comfortable browsing coins for other sources if he collects through a reputable platform like Heritage Auctions or their website.

“It’s hard to find what I want,” said Wilson. “I don’t really trust raw coins because while I’ve been collecting for years, I don’t really have the eye to do a subtle cleanse. I feel a lot more trust when I do business with a good company like Heritage.”

Wilson said he was understandably thrilled to learn that he had won the $ 10,000 auction credit at Heritage and said the news raised a few eyebrows from friends and family, including his wife Claudia.

“She was amazed,” he said. “She thought it was wrong, as did a few friends and co-workers. I wasn’t sure if I should believe it either. “

Wilson said he has not yet selected a specific coin to spend his auction credit on, but he enjoys the time he has spent thinking about his options.

“I looked at part of the inventory, but I really enjoy the auctions, ”said Wilson. “If I find something that I like, I will bid on it. I like to choose two, three, four coins. I set a (top) price and then bid a few days later to see if my bid holds. “

Heritage Auctions’ next signature auction for US coins is US Central State Coin Auction April 23rd to 24th and 26th and the next World Coins Signature auction is the Central States World Coins AuctionApril 23-27.

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