Acres of Diamonds – Motivational Video in English

There was a farmer in Africa who was completely satisfied and content material. He was completely satisfied as a result of he was content material. He was content material as a result of he was completely satisfied. Someday a smart man got here to him and informed him in regards to the glory of diamonds and the facility that goes together with them. The smart man mentioned, “When you had a diamond the dimensions of your thumb, you possibly can have your personal metropolis. When you had a diamond the dimensions of your fist, you possibly can most likely personal your personal nation.” After which he went away. That night time the farmer couldn’t sleep. He was sad and he was discontent. He was sad as a result of he was discontent and discontent as a result of he was sad.
The following morning he made preparations to unload his farm, took care of his household and went searching for diamonds. He regarded throughout Africa and couldn’t discover any. He regarded all via Europe and couldn’t discover any. When he obtained to Spain, he was emotionally, bodily and financially broke. He obtained so disheartened that he threw himself into the Barcelona River and dedicated suicide.
Again residence, the one that had purchased his farm was watering the camels at a stream that ran via the farm. Throughout the stream, the rays of the morning solar hit a stone and made it sparkle like a rainbow. He thought it might look good on the mantle piece. He picked up the stone and put it in the lounge. That afternoon the smart man got here and noticed the stone glowing. He requested, “Is Hafiz again?” The brand new proprietor mentioned, “No, why do you ask?” The smart man mentioned, “As a result of that could be a diamond. I acknowledge one once I see one.” The person mentioned, no, that’s only a stone I picked up from the stream. Come, I’ll present you. There are lots of extra.” They went and picked some samples and despatched them for evaluation. Certain sufficient, the stones had been diamonds. They discovered that the farm was certainly coated with acres and acres of diamonds.*
What’s the ethical of this story?
There are 5 morals:
1. When our angle is true, we understand that we’re all strolling on acres and acres of diamonds.

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