The Treasure of the Russian Tsars documentary of Patrick Voillot

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Within the basement of the Kremlin, we discover a treasure with an immeasurable worth. Collected centuries in the past by the Tsars, in a shocking method and with nice discernment, it was by no means squandered by the Soviets and it’s nonetheless virtually intact at present.

This movie will information you thru the epic historical past of all Russian Emperors, which had been damned to own essentially the most distinctive of gems.

You’ll witness the autumn of the White Motion in Russia, the place one of many key figures, Rasputin gave the Tsarina a Ruby with supernatural powers, which might have protected the Tsarevich, whereas plunging his household into chaos.

You enter into the secrets and techniques of the ruling households of the Western world, with the assembly Alexandra and Nicolas II.

Additional in time, you’ll uncover how Catherine the Nice, Empress of Russia, has ordered for her coronation, a crown lined with diamonds and treasured stones.

This movie takes you to the supply of those diamonds within the mines of Diamantina, Brazil, but additionally to mines of Golconda, India, from which the massive diamond Orloff originates.

The romantic historical past, of the Depend with the identical identify, lover of the Empress, who purchased it for his beloved, will probably be revealed.

Pictures from the tip of the Second World Struggle will present you ways the Nazis looted a priceless quantity of jewels from the Amber Room in St. Petersburg. The treasures have by no means been discovered; however the Room has been fully restored and reconstructed with gold and amber from the Baltic…

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