Jonathan Meades – Jerry Constructing, Unholy Relics of Nazi Germany (1994)

In his forbidding darkish go well with and heavy-framed sun shades, declaiming his artfully wrought texts to digicam with the ominous certainty of a dangling decide, Jonathan Meades is one in all TV’s most unmistakable presences. Whereas it might be lamentable that we do not see him extra usually, it is miraculous, within the present local weather, that we see him in any respect.

Jonathan Meades explores the structure of Nazi Germany, from its vacation camps to its focus camps.
Jonathan Meades documentary on the function of structure and concrete planning in entrenching the Nazi regime and perpetuating its ideology.
Filmed in 1994 this documentary analyses how the Nazi occasion used buildings as a vital a part of its undertaking to construct a brand new society. Going past the plain compulsory Swastika’s and explicitly propagandistic statues and murals to the very brickwork from vacation camps to the colleges that educated docs who would perform experiments within the extermination camps.
Nazi structure, as Meades sees it, is middlebrow: neoclassical or neo-vernacular, determined to not be intellectual and cosmopolitan like modernism, however equally eager to keep away from business kitsch. Meades is evidently bored by the constructed legacy of the Third Reich, the sheer banality and mediocrity of its designers, and is eager to remind us that many New Urbanists, similar to Léon Krier, the designer of Poundbury, have a sideline in particular pleading for Albert Speer. The structure is unbearable in its pretension to Gemütlichkeit and ethical gravity. ‘Nothing that the supposedly decadent cities threw up has ever in contrast in evil to what occurred within the small cities and boondocks of Germany,’ he writes. ‘The Volkisch motion politicised thatch and beams simply because the Nazis’ Social Darwinism politicised biology and genetics.’
Alt Rehse, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
Dachau, Bavaria, Germany
Hamburg, Germany
Potsdam, Brandenburg, Germany
Prora, Rügen, Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania, Germany
Ravensbrück, Brandenburg, Germany
Wewelsburg Fort, North Rhine – Westphalia, Germany
Zugspitze, Bavaria, Germany

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