The Lore Behind ALL The Iacon Relics – Transformers Prime

The Iacon relics have been objects despatched to Earth by Alpha Trion earlier than the Decepticons stormed town, to be able to make sure that they reached Optimus Prime’s arms. Their places have been hidden in an encrypted database that the Decepticons managed to steal and partially decode in the course of the latter levels of the battle for Cybertron. The relics differ from weapons of mass destruction, to historical objects of mystical energy. This video explores the lore behind, and present standing of all of the Iacon relics.

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Music In Video (In Order):
Hope (Tobu) [NCS Release]
Fade (Alan Walker) [NCS Release]
Pressure (Alan Walker) [NCS Release]
Transformers Prime Theme (Steel Model) (Megaraptor)
Transformers 2004 Theme (The Brown Hornet)

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