Holy Relic From Two Thousand Years In the past 2002

STEFFEN VOGT, aged round 25, helps out at a German archeological excavation in Israel when he finds a 2,000-year-old skeleton holding the directions for a video digicam courting from the 12 months 2003. The bones additionally present traces of the current day. His principle of a time-traveler who made a video of Jesus is laughed at by everybody, nonetheless, together with SHARON, a horny Israeli girl he adores. Though nobody seems to consider him, his discover definitely appears to have generated curiosity: Steffen is attacked shortly afterwards in his lodge room by unusual males; then he discovers that the German embassy and the key service are after him; and when his pal DAN is murdered, he goes into hiding. His solely true ally is Sharon. Steffen’s principle appears to be appropriate: financier and time-travel professional KAUN turns up on the excavations in individual and carries out a number of elaborate subterranean measurements on the Wailing Wall # the place he believes the digicam has been hidden. He’s assisted by the top of the excavation, Professor WILFORT. Steffen suspects that Kaun is likely one of the individuals looking for him and stays in hiding. Assisted by Sharon and her jealous boyfriend YEHOSHUA, he manages to steal a letter from the time traveler that comprises coded directions on methods to discover the video. Earlier than the three of them can set off once more in the hunt for the video, Steffen is kidnapped and tortured. His tormentors # who later become members of a secret Vatican order led by the unscrupulous SCARFARO # attempt to blackmail the whereabouts of the Jesus video out of him after which destroy the tape earlier than it will get proven to the general public. Steffen manages to flee from them. With Sharon at his aspect and the murderous churchmen at his heels, he begins a frantic, action-packed hunt for the video. Finally Steffen and Sharon discover what they’re searching for, inside an previous monastery. Scarfaro has tracked them down, nonetheless, and the video falls into his fingers. In entrance of everybody’s astonished gaze he then performs the movie # and Steffen instantly realizes that the largest journey of his life has solely simply begun….

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