The River and the Mountain : Be taught English (IND) with subtitles – Story for Youngsters ""

The River thinks that the Mountain’s life is extra snug and peaceable than hers. Is it true?

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In the future, the river thought to herself,
“Do I’ve to maintain flowing all my life?
Can’t I cease and relaxation for a whereas?”
She wanted recommendation
so she known as out to the mountain
and shared her ideas with him.
The mountain simply laughed and mentioned:
“Hey, take a look at me,
I’ve been standing in the identical place for ages!”
The river replied,
“You’re agency and stuck in a single place,
how might you ever get drained?
Take a look at me,
I’ve to be on the transfer on a regular basis.
I don’t get to relaxation for even a single minute!”
The mountain smiled.
“That’s the way you see it,
however I get bored with standing right here,” he replied.
“Day-after-day I see the identical timber
and the identical patch of sky.
Generally I want:
if solely I might run round just like the river.
I might go to new forests and villages.
I might water their fields,
give life, and be so deeply cherished by all.”
The river interrupted,
“That’s unusual!
Your life is so snug and peaceable,
but you are feeling this manner.”
“You don’t get it, my sister.
You’re worshiped by everybody.”
the mountain replied lovingly.
“You circulation for the sake of others.
And that’s not all!
After making a gift of a lot,
you supply no matter stays, to the ocean.”
On listening to this,
the river bowed all the way down to the mountain
and mentioned with nice enthusiasm,
“You’re completely proper, my brother.
The true function of my life
is to offer life to others.
Thanks to your form knowledge!” she mentioned.
Then, whereas the mountain smiled
at her newfound optimistic vitality,
she gushed away with a loud gurgle,
feeling very glad.

Story: Rewritten by BookBox
Illustrations: Kallol Majumder
Music: Arnab B. Chowdhury
Narration: Vishal Menon & Sweta Sravan Kumar
Animation: BookBox


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