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Dr. Lori, Antiques Appraiser - Auction Kings - Houston Real Estate Radio

2017-02-26 13:09:31 relic

Shannon Register, Broker/Owner of Register Real Estate Advisors and Host of “Houston Real Estate Radio,” talks to Dr. Lori, Ph.D., antiques appraiser on the Discovery Channel’s “Auction Kings,” about antuques and when to get professional help when selling items from your home. You can learn more about Dr. Lori and her “antiques appraisal comedy tour” at

The show today is being broadcast from the 11th Annual Fall Home and Garden Show in the Woodlands at the Woodlands Waterway Marriott.

This segment aired on “Houston Real Estate Radio” on KPRC AM950 on Sunday, August 25, 2013 at 1PM.

This segment also aired on Voice America at 11AM (Central) on Tuesday, August 27, 2013.

Don’t forget to call in your real estate question to our 24 hour answer line this week at 281.882.8088 or ask it via Twitter using hashtag #HRER.

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Houston Real Estate Radio is a proud recipient of a 2013 Platinum Award for best TV / News / Talk Show from the AVA Digital Media Awards.

Shannon’s wardrobe is provided by Mainsteam Boutique, The Woodlands.

This segment sponsored by Champions School of Real Estate. Choose to be a Champion.

Produced by RREA Media


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2017-02-26 11:00:17 relic

The oldest cast iron Boston Terrier or Bulldog door stops for instance were cast by craftsmen who made sure they had soft edges grinding them down they were smooth to the touch around the feet, ears and where the seams meet. Most old door stops were painted on the body by airbrush, so there is almost always an overlap of paint depending on the dog’s color. If the doorstop has clear-cut distinct paint lines with no overlap, most likely it has been repainted by someone. Eyes were hand-painted, usually gray with black pupil and some of the Hubley produced dogs had a hand-painted red dot for a tongue. I recommend the book “Doorstops” by Jeanne Bertola it shows photos and prices for the cast iron door stops. There are others books available on Ebay also on amazon.
The screw or the screws that hold the dog together should be a large flat-head screw on the left side of the body (rib area with one screw or if there are two screws, neck and flank). A guarantee of newness is a phillips-head screw like decking screws, rough metal edges that have no grinding marks anywhere on the body and the look of new hand painted colors. The oldest Boston Terrier dogs were produced in the late 1800’s as fairly thin dogs with strong rib cage definition and some definition lines inside the ears. The earliest Boston Terriers were molded, but did not have the bottoms of the feet ground flat. They always had some roundness to the bottoms of the feet. Next generation dogs, created in the early 1900’s, had grinder marks under the body at the seems and around the ears, and had grinder marks on the flat bottoms of the feet. Early dogs were supposed to stand flat, have smoothly ground edges and look realistic as possible with detail in the body including leg muscles, ribs and facial features.

The majority of Boston Terrier Bulldog doorstops looked or faced right if you’re standing behind them, but a select few, probably less than 10%, were produced facing left. Those also have the screw or screws in the left side of the body. Left facing Boston Terrier Doorstops are the rarest of their breed and command prices often 50 to 100% higher than their right-facing counterparts. It is all about the law of supply and demand. Very little supply, lots of demand for these wonderful additions to any home. They create character from a day when doors were held open by heavy metal decoratives.

Simple tips for spotting the real thing in Antique Cast Iron Boston Terrier Doorstops are smooth cast iron, not bumpy or rough, air-brushed overlap where the colors meet, typically, but not always, gray eyes and red tongue, and flat head screw either in the centerof the side of the dog or two flathead screws with one in the side of the neck and one in the flank. Screw heads were typically filled and painted over, but you can usually see an outline.

Old Cast Iron typically does not have red rust that rubs off when touched. Red dusty rust is an indicator of new metal. Most unpainted old cast iron is smooth, very dark and rust-free unless it has been stored in very moist conditions like a basement. If there is exposed cast iron, it should be almost black and very smooth to the touch. Newer metal will be rough and have red rust. I use an odd method for comparing old to new. If you have a good sense of smell, old cast iron will have an earthy, mushroom-like smell that new metal won’t have, especially when wet. That is true of all cast iron doorstops.

Originals are heavy, weighing in at 5-8 pounds each and there are three sizes. The smaller bank-size that was also used as a cigar lighter that is about 5-inches long, the mid-size that is about 8-inches long and the largest Boston Terriers that measure almost 10 inches long and tall. You’ll spot a modern reproduction by its rough metal and rough edges, seams that are not a tight fit, hand-painted look with bright colors and typically a phillips-head screw holding the dog together. If it looks new, it probably is new. Best rule for buying doorstops is know were you are buying it from or from who you are buying it from and always ask about the dog’s history. A tip for purchasing antique cast iron doorstops is to give the metal a smell it should have a mushroom like smell if the cast iron door stop or cast iron piece is old or antique.Also the rust on the bottom of the cast iron figure or doorstop should not rub off on your hands that is a tell tale sign the piece is a little newer of metal …hope this guide has helped you please subscribe to my youtube channel or like the video!!! thanks chris


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Battlefield 1 - All 66 Field Manual Locations - Collectibles Codex

2017-02-26 08:54:04 relic

Battlefield 1 all 66 collectible field guide locations for all 5 missions. Some of the field manuals are needed for Codex Challenges. #Battlefield1

Story – Through Mud and Blood
0 Over The Top (5) Tank Shock Codex
2:30 Fog of War (5)
4:23 Breakdown (5)
7:07 Steel on Steel (5)

Story – Friends in High Places
10:00 Fall From Grace (5)
12:33 Forte El Fidele (1)

Story – Avanti Savoia
13:17 O La Vittoria (5)
15:28 O Tutti Accoppai (5)

Story – The Runner
17:32 Cape Helles (5)
19:27 The Runner (5)
21:30 Be Safe (5)

Story – Nothing is Written
23:33 Hidden in Plain Sight (5)
25:27 Young Men’s Work (5)
27:33 Hear the Desert (5)

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➥Fallout 4 Soundtrack


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1984 by George Orwell (Book Summary and Review) - Minute Book Report

2017-02-26 06:46:47 relic

This is a quick book summary and analysis of 1984 by George Orwell. This channel discusses and reviews books, novels, and short stories through drawing…poorly.

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This is a story about Winston Smith, a middle-aged man who lives in Oceania, a collection of countries that form one of the three superpowers in the world.

He is stationed in dreary London, working as a clerk for the Ministry of Truth under Big Brother, the overruling party of Oceania. His job is to update all text, like books, newspapers, speeches, etc., to match whatever the party deems as correct.

Winston, however, is unhappy. He keeps a secret diary and writes in it frequently, expressing his frustrations with how life is. He takes caution from the Thought Police, a police-like group who use telescreens to view any suspicious activity from potential troublemakers.

One day at work, Winston notices a dark haired woman named Julia. She’s young and beautiful with a hint of mystery. She slips him a secret note, saying that she loves him. The two meet up and engage in a physical and romantic relationship, of course forbidden by Big Brother and the party since intimacy is only for procreation, if that.

With the permission of an antique shop owner, the couple use the shop for their secret meetups. The couple even meet with another one of Winston’s coworkers and talk about The Brotherhood, a secret resistance organization trying to dismantle Big Brother.

However, it’s a setup and Winston and Julia are taken in for questioning. During the interrogation, Winston faces his greatest fear: rats. They put a cage of rats on his head and he begins to panic. In terror, he declares that he wishes the punishment be given to Julia instead of him. He is broken.

In the end, Winston is a shell of a man, broken and sheepish, believing what Big Brother tells him, that two plus two equals five.

First and foremost, 1984 portrays a dystopian society, a society overly controlled by an oligarchical government, where a few powerful people make the rules for all. In essence, it’s about power and control.

To do this, Big Brother controls information, more specifically, information about the past. It misinforms its citizens about current events, which is the constant war being fought overseas.

Oceania is seemingly at war with one of the superpowers and allied with another. However, at a whim, Oceania then aligns itself with its former foe and declares war on its former ally, yet the records are made to show no change.

And to aid in this flip flopping, Big Brother controls time. Why is it 1984? It technically isn’t. In the story, we learn that the year 1984 is seemingly infinite. It’s more of a symbolic date rather than a measurement of a specific time.

But why would a government do that? Wouldn’t it cause more confusion? Again, it’s all about control. By controlling time, there is no past or memories, but also no future or ambitions. It’s a world of the constant present.

We are also introduced to four ministries within Oceania that, while different from the branches of government in the Western World, parallel contemporary powers that influence our lives today. The Ministry of Truth can represent the media, which provides news, information, and entertainment. The Ministry of Peace can represent the military. The Ministry of Plenty can represent businesses and corporations. And the Ministry of Love can represent culture conformity or societal pressure to accept certain paradigms.

It’s makes you wonder, “Is Big Brother watching us right now?”

Through Minute Book Reports, hopefully you can get the plot and a few relevant discussion points in just a couple of minutes.

Music by WingoWinston from


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Revealed: Miniature Antiques & Collectables That ebay Buyers Love

2017-02-26 04:41:15 relic

Focus on specific collectors markets, bundle suitable items together to make up mouthwatering lots and (hopefully!) make a decent profit. Please check out our ebook how To Make a Serious Second Income Buying & Selling Collectables, which includes twelve monthly emil updates from yours truly.


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